My name is Dennis Petersen and I am a passionated about Kitesurfing. Since I finished my high school degree I have traveled to Brazil frequently. The beauty of Brazil is unique and the wind & weather condition are perfect for Kitesurfing. Not only the Kitesurf conditions are rare also the culture and the people in Brazil have special mentality. I immediately got a special connection with Brazil.

The Community in Emboaca is important to us. Emboaca is a small lovely city. It is charming place next to the water. We respect the locals and want to work together with them. We want to bring more tourism to Emboaca and include the community to benefit from it. Every existing shop in Emboaca would benefit from Tourism.

We also want to start social project like beach cleaning and public English lessons wich the community can profit from. We will give the kids a possibility to learn how to learn kitesurfing and integrated them in our project. We want to grow together with the community and let Emboaca become one of the most important Kite destinations in state Ceará.

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